MobileIron Cloud Help

Welcome... a cloud-based service that you can use to manage mobile devices, including the apps and content on those devices. With MobileIron Cloud, your users can access their apps and data on the device of their choice while you manage and secure the devices, apps, and content on your network.

What's new in this release


Supported mobile devices

You can use MobileIron Cloud to manage the following devices:

  • Android 4.0 through Android 5.0

  • iOS 6 through iOS 8.1

  • Windows Phone 8.1

Supported browsers (desktop)

Use one of the following browsers to access the service:

  • Chrome: Version  29.0 and later

  • Safari: 7.0 and later for Mac

  • FireFox 22.0 and later for Windows and Mac

Touch devices are not currently supported for administrative access.