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Policies define requirements for devices, as well as what will happen if a device does not comply with requirements. In other words, each policy consists of a rule and a compliance action (what happens if the rule is violated). Use the Policy & Compliance page to select, set up, and distribute policies.

Available policy types are:


What It Does

Compromised Devices

Flags devices that have been jailbroken (iOS) or rooted (Android).

International Roaming Devices

Flags devices that might be incurring international roaming charges. Status is refreshed when the device checks in.

For iOS, the service uses the roaming flag as set and reported by iOS. The compliance action is triggered by the first violation only.

MDM/Device Administration Disabled

Flags devices that have MDM (iOS) or Device Administration (Android) disabled, which severely limits management of these devices.

Out of Contact

Flags devices that have not checked in with the MobileIron Cloud service for the defined number of days.

Available compliance actions are:

Compliance Action What It Does


  • Flags the device in the MobileIron Cloud Devices page.

Block via Sentry

  • Prevents the device from accessing email.

Send message to user

  • Flags the device in the MobileIron CloudDevices page.
  • Sends an email to the device owner.
  • Sends a push notification to the device.


  • Removes most configurations from the device.
    • Exceptions: passcode configurations, Wi-Fi configurations for Wi-Fi-only devices, Restriction configurations (iOS).
  • Removes all apps installed by MobileIron Cloud.
  • Removes all content distributed by MobileIron Cloud, including iBook and ePub files.
  • Blocks access to MobileIron Cloud catalogs.
  • Suspends prompts for installing additional apps.
  • Blocks access to AppConnect-enabled apps.


To add a policy

  1. Go to Policies > Policy & Compliance.

  2. Click Add (upper right).

  3. Select a policy type.

  4. Complete the settings.

  5. Select the device groups you want to receive this policy.

  6. Click Done.

To change a policy

  1. Go to Policies > Policy & Compliance.
  2. Select the policy.
  3. Click Edit (upper right).

To delete a policy

  1. Go to Policies > Policy & Compliance.
  2. Select the policy.
  3. Click Actions (upper right).
  4. Select Delete.

Can't see the Policy & Compliance page?

Maybe you don't have permission. You need one of the following roles:

  • Device Management

  • Device Read Only

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